Dry Shampoo Review: Who Makes the Best Dry Shampoo?


If you have super long hair like me, then you might be a dry shampoo lover too!

I have been using dry shampoo for years now and I cannot live without it.

However, not all dry shampoos are made the same.

I have tried a ton of different brands and have narrowed down my list to these top dry shampoo brands.

Some dry shampoos are better for certain things which is why I decided to make this review with a breakdown of which dry shampoo is best to a specific end result.

This way you can find the best dry shampoo for you!

So, let’s get on to the list…


If you are looking to add a ton of volume to your hair then this stuff is the dry shampoo for you. I love the amount of volume I get from using this stuff. This stuff feels like a hairspray in my hair and after wearing it for one day I am definitely ready to shower and get it out of my hair. So it not my ultimate favorite dry shampoo.


If you are looking for an amazing dry shampoo that has a heavenly clean scent then this is the stuff for you! I absolutely love this dry shampoo after a sweaty day at the gym because is smells amazing. However this doesn’t seem to hold up the whole day and if feel like my hair looks oily again by the end of the day.


If you have super dark roots and are looking for a dry shampoo that won’t make you look like you’re going gray then this tinted dry shampoo is definitely for you! I used this when I had dark brown hair and it was great!


If someone told me I could only use one dry shampoo for the rest of my life then THIS stuff would be it! This is my holy grail! Seriously, I’m so in love with this stuff. I spray it on and my hair immediately looks so clean and healthy. There is no gross lasting residue. My hair does not feel stiff or grimy all day like with other brands. Plus, this stuff last literally for days in my hair. I absolutely love this! This stuff has been able to help me go even more days in-between washes and help keep my hair super healthy and long!

So, there you have it my little review on the best dry shampoos!

For more hair tips click HERE!

Until next time!

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YouTube Tuesday: My Haircare Routine

Hey guys! So I know this isn’t Tuesday (don’t worry you’re not going crazy lol). I meant to post this yesterday but my husband and I were driving back from our little road trip to South Florida, which took 12.5 hours!! 😩 That’s a long time to sit in the car. Talk about boring! But we will hopefully have some exciting news to share with you soon!! So needless to say, I know this post is a day late, but I figured better late than never.

This weeks YouTube Tuesday video is all about haircare. I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking about my haircare routine and what I do for hair growth and to maintain my long hair, so I thought I’d create a video for you guys to see all the details and products I use.

My haircare routine is actually quite simple and straightforward, so this is a nice short video that can sum it all up in a couple of minutes. I try not to use too many products on my hair because I find that it weights it down and does more damage than good. My hair motto is, less is more. I find the less products and things I use in my hair the faster my hair grows and the healthier it looks. I will definitely say my hair naturally grows pretty fast, but I have noticed that it grows much faster now that I started doing this hair routine consistently. I also, have been getting less breakage and split ends which is rare for a blonde with highlights lol 😂

So if you’re just curious as to what my haircare routine is, or if you are looking for new ways to enhance your hair health and growth, then make sure to check out the video below! ⬇️

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