Dream Office Decor: Classic, Feminine Design

classic office decor with feminine touches

Let’s talk office decor! Have you ever sat and planned out every detail of a room in your head, or how you want your first home or office to look? I literally do that ALL the time! I love designing and coming up with new ideas on how to decorate a room.

As a little girl, I used to constantly rearrange my bedroom furniture over and over again just because I loved switching things up. There just something so refreshing about changing things up. Plus, I get bored really easily so changing things up a lot is just common practice for me. Keeps things fun and interesting in my opinion.

But anyways….the purpose of this post is that I have been dreaming of how to decorate my first home office and I am so glad that now I will have the space to do it. I have been brainstorming and trying to come up with ideas of what I wanted for a while. Plus, I’ve been browsing Pinterest religiously trying to find inspiration for what kind of style I want in my office.

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