My All Time Favorite Snack

I have been making this snack for years now and it is truly my favorite snack to eat.

SO much so that I figured I share my favorite snack with you guys now!

Spoiler: this is not a healthy snack.

I know, I know snacks should be healthy. But this one is just so good, I don’t even mind the calories.

I actually made this for the first time for my mother in law as an appetizer one night.

But now I have been making this for myself as a snack ever since then!

so drum roll please……

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Fall Recipes!

Here it is, the final post in the Fall Series…FOOD!

Can’t celebrate Fall without all the amazing recipes that are out there. This is a list of some of my favorite recipes that I make every Fall season. All of these can be found on my Pinterest (AKA the best electronic cook book ever).

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Caffeine Please!

Coffee Drink!

PA school has definitely made me addicted to coffee! Coffee morning, noon, and night is what kept me going, so I have definitely perfected my favorite coffee recipe and wanted to share it with you!

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