The Biltmore Estate and 13 Random Things

Is there anything more dreamy then a huge gorgeous house like the Biltmore Estate. This place is so incredibly beautiful and the grounds are just as stunning! I decided to share some of the gorgeous pictures we captured and some random thoughts I’ve been recently having…

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

sex drive

Let’s talk about sex drive!

Between working full-time, taking care of your family, and trying to have a social life, stress can become overwhelming. Unfortunately, the first thing to normally go it your sex drive.

With stress comes fatigue, low energy, and lack of motivation all which will kill your sex drive.

In reality there are a ton of things that can contribute to low sex drive but one of the main ones could be poor diet and low nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is an important gas that is needed in the body to help promote blood flow to those “oh so important” areas.

If one has low nitric oxide levels then that person is more likely to have lower sex drive and issues with sexual dysfunction.

So how can you fix this issue naturally? Well, diet and lifestyle changes, of course!

Yes, there are medications out there to help, but lifestyle changes are always a healthier option that should be tried first.

Which is why I have come up with an amazing list of diet, activities, and mindset tricks you can try to boost your sex drive!

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TIME MANAGEMENT: Find More Time in Your Day for You.


It’s definitely fair to say time management can be a tricky thing to conquer.

Do you ever just feel like there is not enough time in the day to complete every task on your to-do list?

Well, I felt like that all the time! I was struggling to stay ahead of all my tasks and work for such a long time. Deadlines and chores started piling up and I felt like I was drowning in it all.

I started becoming overwhelmed and defeated like I wasn’t “super woman” like all these other women out there doing everything and making it look so easy. But then I just snapped out of it and said, “if they can do it, then so can I”.

I just decided to stop spending so much time worrying about comparing myself and putting myself down for not doing as much as everyone else and started planning out how I could get more things done in a day. And I gotta tell ya, I’m loving my new routine!

I sat down one day and I planned out in my FAVORITE PLANNER how I can get everything done on my to-do list in one day.

This was not an easy task, I load myself up with a lot of tasks everyday because I’m an overachiever. But in the end I knew little changes now, would add up to big things later.

The whole point of this, is for you to find more time in your day for yourself and things that bring you joy!

So, let’s get down to the details of how you can adjust your schedule to get more things done in one day.

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My Top 5 Tips on How to Stay Motivated

DO you ever struggle with staying motivated?

Motivation is a tricky thing. Especially when you are overwhelmed with a million things to do and have no idea how to get it all done!

I struggle with staying motivated all the time. I may appear as though I have endless energy but that is not always the case.

I have to work hard at staying motivated on certain things in order to get them done.

The things that a struggle with to stay motivated on are finishing my work, working out, eating healthy, making time for my husband and blogging.

These things may not seem like a lot but it’s hard to make sure you are giving a little bit of energy to everything without overwhelming yourself. And yes, at times I just don’t feel like doing anything, which is why I have to stay motivated.

So I came up with 5 easy tips to help you stay motived that really work:

USE A DAILY PLANNER! I plan out my weeks sometimes months in advance so that I know what I have to do at a specific time to stay on track.

USE AN HOURGLASS! ok this may sound like some crazy ancient thing, but it really works! I have an hourglass on my desk at work and I use it all the time to time myself to get things done efficiently. So, this is how it works, you turn the hourglass upside down and you do not stop working until your tasks are done or until the hourglass runs out. This helps keep you from distractions and helps you manage your time better. I do this with all my paperwork tasks at the office.

SET TIME BLOCKS FOR TASKS! This goes with the daily planner. I will portion off specific times of the day to complete certain tasks. So before work I block off 20mins to catch up on social media and blog stuff. Then, of course, at work I’m working and seeing patients, and then after work I have about 1 hour before my husband gets home. So durning that time I either blog again or work on instagram content. Then for 1 hour after that I cook/clean and then I have 1 hour to shower/prepare for the next day, then the rest of the night is to unwind and watch TV with my hubs.

SET TINY GOALS! I did this when I first started my blog. I would set tiny goals of things I wanted to achieve. I didn’t give myself a time frame, only cause I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. But I use the tiny goals motto to help me stay motivated in everything. Tiny goals are easier to reach and there is positive feedback quicker than large goals. So by setting small goals you are helping yourself stay more motivated through your journey. I especially do this with my healthy eating and workouts.

DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! I wish someone told me this when I was younger, cause I have a really bad habit of doing it now. I constantly catch myself comparing myself to other girls and I get so discouraged and down about it. I have learned that by not comparing myself to others I stay much more motivated and in a positive mind frame overall. Of course, I will catch myself still doing it sometimes by saying, “wow I wish I had her body”, or “wow she is so photogenic”, or silly things like that. And to be honest that’s what social media does to us but you’re not helping anyone by comparing yourself to others. So I say, ignore others and stay focus on you!

So there you have it my top 5 tips on how to stay motivated on any task!

For other helpful advice pieces, check out my post on Top 8 Tips for Stress Relief.

Talk to you guys soon!

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Top 8 Stress Relief Tips

Let’s face it, today’s world is built to stress people out. From the full work schedules, to family, to social outings. Keeping up with everything can sometimes leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

I know when I started my new job as a Physician Assistant I was so overwhelmed and stressed everyday that my neck muscles were killing me from being so tense. I was constantly getting headaches and just feeling burnt out. I knew I needed to change something quick or else I was going to end up burnt out in my first year working. So I started messing around with some stress relief remedies and final came up with these top 8 stress relief tips that have been working like a dream for me.

These are just some basic tips and tricks that I have been using for the last couple weeks and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stress levels (and my husband has too!). I’ve started getting less headaches and my neck hasn’t been killing me everyday, plus I’ve had more energy and have been feeling less anxious and overwhelmed at work.

Disclaimer: These tips are just some things I’ve tried and wanted to share. Always check with you medical provider before taking anything new or starting new workout routines.

OK so let’s get on to the list!

Top 8 Stress Relief Tips:

  1. Use essential oils- I diffuse a “stress relief” blend in my office daily. It’s smells incredible and helps me unwind and feel more relaxed at work. I’ve also noticed my patients seem more calm and relaxed durning our appointments which is an added bonus. The best blends are ones that contain pachouli oil.
  2. Start mediation- I downloaded an app called “breethe” and started the mediation guided sessions in the morning to help me relax before my day starts. It’s a great way to start your day on a positive note. Plus the app comes with positive affirmations and meditation guides for better sleep and even weight loss.
  3. Exercise- I used to wake up at 4:45am every morning before work and workout, but then by the time I would be half way through my day I was drained and mentally done. So I have now adjusted my schedule so that after work everyday I do a quick 30min full body circuit workout and then I’m done. It’s easy and quick and it doesn’t interfere with my sleep. Which brings me to tip #4.
  4. SLEEP- This one is huge for me. When I was waking up at 4:45am everyday I was only getting 6 hours of sleep a night. I was burnt out by the time noon came around and I was increasing my caffeine intake to stay awake which was adding to my anxiety and stress. So I knew I need to get more sleep, which is why I now sleep in till 6am and give myself a full 8 hours of sleep. I have been waking up so much more refreshed and energized for the day. Plus i’ve noticed a huge change in my anxiety level at work since I’ve been able to decrease my caffeine intake.
  5. Get involved in a hobby you love! This one has really helped me. I love that I go to work, help patients, and then can come home and indulge myself in an activity I love. For me that activity is blogging. I love creating content and engaging my followers on instagram. I find it really helps me decompress after a long day and just forget about anything bad that might of happened that day. I think it has something to do with how therapeutic journaling can be and let’s face it, that is pretty much what blogging is.
  6. Positive affirmations- I noticed I really have a negative thought process. I was constantly telling myself negative things and making myself more anxious and overwhelmed. I started to notice I was getting really irritable and I definitely did not like that, so I knew that had to change. Your thoughts will drive your behavior and reaction. So If you say to yourself “I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed, and I can’t do this”, then you are just setting yourself up for failure. Our minds can convince us of anything, so if you change your thoughts to positive ones, your whole outlook will change. I starting repeating positive affirmations to myself daily when I started feeling more stressed and I realized after awhile of doing this, the things I was stressing about stopped bothering me. I’ve been more calm and collected at work and seem to be able to get through my days easier. One of my favorite ones to repeat is “don’t turn a bad 5 minutes into a bad day”. I used to do that a lot and brew on one little bad thing that happened all day, now I just let them go and move on.
  7. Find a positive influence. My husband has always had an optimist personality. Nothing is ever negative. He always seems to only see the good. So, having someone like that always around really helps me develop a more care-free, positive outlook. It’s normal to pick up behaviors and mannerisms of people we surround ourselves with. So the more you can surround yourself with positive people, the more positive you will be and the more stress-free you will feel.
  8. Cut back the caffeine- I now only drink my morning coffee or tea and then a green tea in the afternoon for a pick me up. Before I was drinking coffee, pre-workout, and tea and I was all over the place. I was so caffeinated I was constantly anxious and my mind was going a mile a minute and I couldn’t concentrate. Now with just a coffee in the morning and a green tea in the afternoon I feel energized without being overstimulated which has helped keep my stress levels way down.

These 8 tips have been huge in helping lower my stress levels. I’m still working on other things I can do to help decrease my stress but so far these have been amazing. My next step is to start working on my diet and what I eat to help lower my stress. I’m a terribly unhealthy eater. I crave sweets and carbs all the time and barely eat any protein and I know that has to change, because the few times when I eat super healthy I feel amazing. So, that is my new goal I am working towards. But I hope some of these tips might help you feel less stressed and less overwhelmed. I know they have been an amazing addition to my routine and so my hope that they may be helpful to you as well.

Talk to you soon!

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7 Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Nails

Tips and advice time! Nail and hair care are two of my favorite topics! I’ve always been in love with finding new, healthy ways to help my hair and nails grow long and strong. So I’ve decided now it’s time I share my top 7 tips for long, healthy nails with all of you!

I’ve been using these tips and tricks for the last year and they have helped tremendously at getting my nails grow. I used to have a huge problem with my nails breaking as soon as they would get even a little long. It was so frustrating because I had to always keep my nails short. So I finally decided I needed to come up with a better routine that would help my nails grow and keep them strong and healthy.

Just to give you guys a little background about my nail care routine, I actually do not get my nails done at a salon. I do them myself. I found out that the constant filing and harsh nail polish they would use on my nails in the salon was adding to my brittle nails and making them break easier. So as soon as I started doing my own nails, my nails totally changed for the better! So let’s get to it.

7 Tips to Grow Long, Healthy Nails:

  1. Massage coconut oil over clean nails and cuticles. I swear by coconut oil. If you’ve read any of my hair posts you know I’m obsessed with it! I usually paint my nails once a week and before I do I take off all my nail polish and clean my nails then rub a little bit of coconut oil over my nails and the cuticles. I find it helps keep hangnails away and it keeps my nails super shiny and strong.

2. Use strengthening nail polish remover. I use any store brand nail polish remover that says strengthening in it. I don’t know what makes it different, but I do know when I switched to using this kind of nail polish remover my nails got a lot better!

3. Use Burt Bee’s Lemon cuticle wax. I rub this on my cuticles and nail beds once a week to help keep my cuticles in check.

4. Stop cutting the cuticle. I actually do not cut or push back my cuticles with instruments. I found that when salons used to do that I would always get painful hangnails. So now I just rub this stuff on my cuticles and use the pad of my finger to gentle push the cuticle upward. It has made a world of difference in stopping hangnails.

5. File your nails in the same direction. I use a basic revlon nail filer and I make sure I always file my nails in the same direction. I try not to move the file back and forth because that can create snags in your nails making it easier for them to break.

6. Take biotin or Multi-vitamins. I usually take prenatal vitamins every morning to help with my hair and nails grow. I swear prenatal vitamins are the reason my hair and nails grow like a weed. I know biotin has helped a lot of people too, so that is always an option. However, when I took biotin my skin broke out like crazy so I immediately stopped using it and just stick to my prenatals. (*make sure you check with your doctor if it is ok for you to take supplements and vitamins).


7. Stop using gel polish. This was a hard one for me. I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks and it was great cause they never chipped. However, I noticed every time I would go to change my color my nails looked more and more brittle to the point of being paper thin and it would actually start to hurt to put my nails under the UV light. So that’s when I knew, ok, this is probably not healthy for your nails and it’s time to stop lol. I now paint my nails with OPI Infinite Shine base coat, color, and top coat and the polish lasts for 1 week and looks beautiful.

So there you have it. These are my top 7 tips to grow your nails long and strong. I am in no way a professional or expert on this topic. I just know these are tips and tricks that have been working for me, so I figured I would share them with all of you.

If you guys have any tips you would like to share just comment below. I would love to hear them!

Talk to you guys soon!

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Random Thoughts Thursday!

random thoughts

So, I haven’t done a random thoughts post in a little bit and I figured it was time. Mainly because I have so many random thoughts on my mind lol.

To start, why in the world is it so difficult for me to eat healthy? I for some reason always default back to unhealthy food when I’m low on time at work or stressed out. Come on Chelsea, get it together.

Does anyone else hate going to a nail salon to have their nails done? I feel like I’m wasting so much time sitting there for some reason. Not relaxing at all! I find that doing my own nails every week is so much easier and less time consuming.

I’m pretty sure my cat knows it’s giving me attitude. Like straight up rude stares and walking away from me when I’m trying to love him. As Michelle Tanner said, HOW RUDE!

Why can’t working out just be done for me by someone else and I see the results on my body? lol I mean come on, we should have this technology by now.

I have a closet full of clothes and for some reason pull the exact same outfits EVERY week. Why am I like this? lol.

I wish I didn’t have to sleep so that I could get my daily massive to do list done every day.

Also, why does sleeping become so much harder as we get older. I wish I could sleep like I did when I was a kid. Those were the good times.

Does anyone else, replay their whole work day in their head while they’re sleep? 😑 So annoying.

Anyways, that’s it for today. Just some randomness on my mind, that’s now stuck in your mind lol.

Your welcome! 😝

Talk to you soon!

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