Our Favorite Places to Eat & Drink in Asheville, NC

For today’s Marriage Monday, I figured I would share with you guys some of Jesse’s and mine favorite places to eat around Asheville, NC.

If you have ever been to Asheville then you know it’s filled with some of the most amazing places to eat!

And it’s not just the food that is amazing, it’s also the drinks, bakery, and bars here too!

We seriously have found a new place to eat every week and still have a huge list of places we want to try out. But in the meantime I figured I share with you guys our favorite spots to eat so far!

Our Favorite Places to Eat in Asheville, NC

Stoney Knob

Seriously eat here once a week because we never have a bad meal and the food and drink selection is amazing!


This is our favorite place to go for a a great steak and gourmet salads. We normally go here right after we see a movie because it’s right next to our favorite theater. Perfect date night location!

Juicy Lucy’s

OMG the burger’s here are AMAZING!! this is our favorite spot to go when we are craving junk food.


This place makes my favorite comfort food breakfast skillet. It has a wide selection of everything on it’s menu!

Farm Burger

This place is another favorite for delicious burgers and it is conveniently located right in the middle of downtown! PS- if you sit at the bar you can eat right away. There is normally a line to dine but the bar is always open and full service.

Asheville Sandwich Co. 

These sandwiches are AMAZING! we seriously have to hold ourselves back from not eating here every weekend!


This place is excellent for those who like to eat fresh from local farms. The meal is always changing with the seasons so the ingredients are always very fresh. Plus the cocktails here are great too!

Blue Mountain Pizza Co.

This cozy little shop is located in downtown Weaverville and is perfect for family pizza nights!


This is our new favorite place for some good ol’ Hibachi! The sushi looking incredible here too!

Creperie & Cafe

This place has the cutest decor and makes some amazing crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! Plus it’s located in sweet little downtown Weaverville.

Our Favorite Places to Drink in Asheville, NC

High Five Coffee

This is out #1 favorite place to go for a REAL coffee. This coffee is seriously so rich in flavor and we are both addicted now.

Havana Cafe for cocktails on the terrace

This place is absolutely gorgeous with it’s wide open roof top terrace. You can see 360 views of the mountains up here while you sip on your cocktails.

The Book Exchange

This is place is literally a huge twisting and twinning library with endless nooks to read in, but the best thing of all is that this place has a Champagne and espresso bar on the bottom floor!

Dobra Tea

This is a great place to go if you are a lover of craft teas and tranquil settings. They have 3 areas set up differently but my personal favorite is the very back room which is set up like traditional chines tea rooms with low tables, floor seating, and dim lighting.

Old Europe 

This place is great on cold days because it’s so small and cozy. They make delicious desserts here and nice coffee too.

Summit Coffee

This coffee spot has some incredible artwork outside to look at and some of the best coffee inside to sip on.

Double D’s

This is a remodeled double decker bus that was turned into a coffee shop in the middle of downtown Asheville. This place is great if you are looking for a super sweet dessert coffee drink. It’s honestly so delicious but way to sweet for a normal coffee. Also the decor in the bud is so charming!

Our Favorite Dessert Places in Asheville, NC


They make my all-time favorite layered chocolate fudge cake! They seriously have such a huge selection of delicious desserts it’s hard to chose just one!

Baked Pie shop

This place makes different pies EVERYDAY, so you have to check their facebook page for today’s menu to see if there is something there you want. But believe me there is always something there for everyone!

Asheville Chocolate Shop

They make homemade gelato and delicious chocolate and caramel desserts that are seriously heavenly.

Sunshine Sammies

This is probably my husband’s favorite place to eat. They make homemade cookies and build you your own custom ice cream sandwich with literally anything you want!

The Underground Cafe

The donuts here are so far my favorite gourmet donuts. They also have a huge selections of unique flavors.

So there you have it! Our complete list of local places we are absolutely loving to eat at right now!

I’m sure the list will grow as we find more places but for now these are at the top of our list.

Talk to you soon!




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