Top 31 Movies to Watch this October – FREE Printable Included!


HUGE movie lover over here! If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with movies. I absolutely love watching movies at home, in the theater, on repeat, seriously any movie experience will do. I’m not sure what it is about movies that I love but I have been obsessed since I was a kid.

My mother used to always tell me “stop acting like your in a movies”, lol probably because I as so dramatic (ah childhood memories 😝). I also used to recreate and act out my favorite movies as a kid with my childhood best friend for HOURS (our favorite was parent trap- the Lindsay Lohan version). We would seriously spend all day acting out the WHOLE movie! lol we were dedicated.

Anywaysssss… fast forward to high school I was in drama and musical theater and TERRIBLE at it 🙈. I always got cast in the dancing parts, aka please do not speak, sing, act, or ruin this play for us parts 😂. So, needless to say I decided to keep my movie enthusiasm to the viewing side and spare the world of my world class awful acting.

That being said, I have spent countless hours watching a ton of movies and from being such a movie enthusiast I have definitely discovered some of my all time favorite movies to watch for different moods, holidays, season, etc. Which is why I have decided to create a Top Movie List for October (my favorite month)!

Whyyyy is October my favorite month you ask… Well Fall is in full effect, the weather is amazing, the clothing is perfection, pumpkin spice everything (YES!), my wedding anniversary, uhh halloween-duh, and the best house decor–just to name a few 😉. I feel like I’m writing an elementary school essay on why October is my favorite month😆. Sorry, totally side tracked there.

ok ok, back on track, so I have created a list of my TOP 31 Favorite Movies to watch every October to get you in the season spirit. So if you are a huge movie buff like me, you can watch one of these movies every night of October to help get you in that holiday mood. And don’t worry, they are not super scary films. I can’t handle full on gore and horror, although there are 2 movies on this list that are a little more intense then the rest. But nothing a glass of wine can’t fix! 😁Plus there is a good mix of new, old, and super-duper “omg how old is this girl…” movies 🤣.

And just incase you are a lover of printables like me. I created a FREE printable version for you to print out a hang on the fridge or wherever to refer to later. YAY!

So I hope you guys enjoy and start feeling that October Spirit soon!

Top 31 Movies to Watch this October


If you are a huge movie lover like me, then you can print out the FREE PDF printable and check off the movies as you watch through the month!

FREE PDF PRINTABLE—>31-printable

Hope you guys have an AMAZING month of October!!  ☺️

Talk to you soon!

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