Break-up with Breakage: Top Hairstyles to Prevent Breakage


Let’s talk Hair Breakage!

If you’re like me, then you are obsessed with haircare and keeping your hair in healthy condition.

I have been working on strengthening my hair and bringing it back from the dead and damaged side for years now. You can check out my haircare routine HERE.

For the longest time I would bleach and damage my hair and it started to really show in my late twenties when it started looking fried and felt like straw. I was so self-conscious about it, so I knew I needed a change in my hair routine.

For the last 5 years, I have been focusing on healthy hair growth and changing up my routine and hairstyles to help promote long healthy hair.

Since changing the way I style my hair in certain situations, I have noticed a huge reduction in spilt ends.

Believe it or not, the way to style your hair for certain activities is VERY important! 

By styling your hair the “right way” for a certain activity, you can significantly decrease the amount of damage and breakage you cause to your hair.

So let’s get into all the helpful tips on how you should be styling your hair for activities.

I’ll break this down by activity and the best and worst hairstyle for that activity!


BEST HAIRSTYLE: The absolute best way to style your hair for a workout is french braided or in a low braid. This style will lay flat on your head and not cause any pulling on the hair when working out. This style will allow for your hair to stay out of your face but pulled back and secure for the entire workout.

WORST HAIRSTYLE: The ponytail. This style is so bad for damage and breakage to your hair. Not to mention as soon as you start jumping or running the ponytail becomes loose and starts pulling on your locks and BOOM breakage! This is a no-go! Save those locks and ditch the ponytail.



BEST HAIRSTYLE: Top bun! If you are back, side or stomach sleeper this is your hairstyle. No matter which way you sleep your mane will be out of your way allowing you to doze like Sleeping Beauty. The top bun is perfect for sleeping because it allows all the hair (especially those fragile ends) to be pilled up on your head and clear of breakage. With a top bun your ends won’t constantly be rubbing up against your pillow causing breakage.

WORST HAIRSTYLE: down! NO, NO, NO, don’t do it ladies. I have to admit, I’m a repeat offender of this, but OMG the breakage and static the next morning are not worth it! Save yourself the trouble and lock up those locks in a top bun!



BEST HAIRSTYLE: Pulled back in a banana clip. If you are like me and love to run errands and get your chores done then this is the style for you. I love banana clips because they let you have your hair pulled back and out of your face, but it still looks so stylish. You can find banana clips like these below.

WORST HAIRSTYLE: Down. Now this is all preference but from my experience, on days when I’m running around in and out of stores my hair better be up! Here’s why, when I’m in and out of stores and throwing bags over my shoulder constantly and my hair is down, then that hair is definitely getting caught under the handles of those bags and when I go to pull my hair out from under them, BOOM more breakage. It seriously happens every time to me.



BEST HAIRSTYLE: For me this is a no brainer. DOWN! I love wearing my hair down on date nights. I think its so romantic and it’s the perfect time since you wouldn’t be doing any activities that can really damage you hair. Well maybe some of you will be (wink wink), but you get what I mean.

WORST HAIRSTYLE: There really is no worst hairstyle for this one. I honestly think this is the perfect time to wear your hair however you like.


BEST HAIRSTYLE: Pigtails. When I go to the beach, braided pigtails are my go to style. They look super cute with a sunhat but it also helps to stop breakage and damage from the wind and sea salt.

WORST HAIRSTYLE: Down! Please, please, please secure those ends ladies. When I see women with long hair wearing it down at the beach, I cringe because the wind can be so harsh and damaging to your ends. Not to mention the UV rays damage on your hair. Which by the way if you didn’t know, you should be putting sun protection on your hair too! I use THIS on my hair for sun protection daily!


BEST HAIRSTYLE: Now this is totally individually based… It really does depend on your job and what that job requires hairstyle wise. But let me help give you some ideas for different work environments.

I’m a psychiatric PA, so I spend my days working in my office behind a desk, so for me the best hair style is half-up, half-down with a claw clip. This way my hair is out of my face but it still looks styled and put together. Let’s say you work in a job that requires you to have your hair up then I would suggest the top bun or the pulled back french braid since both these styles cutdown on breakage but still look fashionable.

Examples of claw clips:

WORST HAIRSTYLE: This also depends on your job and your work environment but here are some helpful tips I’ve learned. Since I sit in a chair most of my day my back rubs against the chair, AKA my hair rubs against the chair which increases breakage. So I prevent breakage 2 ways, by either pulling my hair to the front if I wear it down, or wearing my hair up so that it can’t rub against the chair.

So as you can tell many of these situations and hairstyle will vary from person to person depending on their job, lifestyle, hair length, and overall hairstyling level. However, here is an easy rule of thumb that I always you to determine the best hairstyle for a situation:

If rubbing, pulling, or breaking can develop, then put it UP!

If you’re going out for a night on the town, wear it DOWN!


Hope you loves found this helpful and I hope you start trying some new hairstyles to help protect those gorgeous locks of yours!

If you guys are looking for more ways to grow long and healthy hair, check out THIS post.

Until next time,


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