Beach Accessories you Have to Have this Summer!

Beach Accessories are a girls best friend!

It’s summer time baby and that means time to go to the beach and pool and work on that tan!

As a follow up to my swimsuit style guide, I decided to do a beach accessories post. I want to make sure all you lovely ladies are looking good this summer!

I came up with a  quick guide to help you make sure you pack everything for the beach or pool day this summer.

As we all know, the look is all a about the accessories and a girl needs her accessories.

These items are a perfect match to that gorgeous swimsuit you are planning on sporting this summer.

So check it out below! Feel free to click on any of the links to directly shop the items!

beach accessories

As you can see, I’m a lover of all things pastel and girly! I love any bright colors because they just make you feel so happy and bubbly!

This mermaid in training towel is probably my absolute favorite, and it’s so affordable too!

Also, if you are like me, then you love organic and good for you products. Which is why I absolutely love the Kiss My Face line of sunscreens. And yes, I have tested these out for years, they really work and I promise you will not burn!

As for sandals I couldn’t resist and gorgeous pair of mint green flip flops! Hello, it’s my signature color!

Also this cover-up is definitely a splurge but when you think about it, it’s it’s own outfit for the rest of the day anyways.

And don’t forget about a cute towel to dry off with, some adorable sunnies, and the oh so necessary beach tote to hold all this fabulous stuff.

I swear going anywhere is an event for me with all my accessories, but hey I love how blissful they make me feel so I’m going to keep on doing me!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more of my style inspirations.

But most importantly, get out there and FIND YOUR BLISS!

Talk to you guys soon!

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