My All Time Favorite Snack

I have been making this snack for years now and it is truly my favorite snack to eat.

SO much so that I figured I share my favorite snack with you guys now!

Spoiler: this is not a healthy snack.

I know, I know snacks should be healthy. But this one is just so good, I don’t even mind the calories.

I actually made this for the first time for my mother in law as an appetizer one night.

But now I have been making this for myself as a snack ever since then!

so drum roll please……

My favorite snack is….Strawberry, Goat cheese Toast with Balsamic reduction!

This is seriously so delicious.

This is what you will need to make it:

Goat cheese


balsamin reduction


Favorite Snack Cheese


First start by toasting the bread

Then spread the goat cheese on the toast while it’s still warm

Then cut strawberries into halves and place on top of goat cheese

Then drizzle some balsamic reduction over the toast

VOLIA! you are done!


It’s a super easy snack to make and so delicious!

Till next time!

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