My Favorite OPI Nail Polish Colors

OPI nail polish has always been my favorite since I can remember. They have the best colors and highest quality nail polish that lasts for days!

I do all my own nails and no longer go out to nail salons to have my nails done. So obviously now that I’m buying all my own OPI nail polish, and I have come up with a list of my favorite OPI colors!

When picking nail polish I try to stick to the simple classic colors so that my nails look appropriate for work.

At work our nails need to be either a pink, white, nude, or red color. They prefer for us not to have any crazy blue or green colored nails. However, I have been able to get away with some super cute pastel purples and blues without an issue.

Like most things in life I gravitate toward the pastel spectrum of colors. So of course for my nails I pick every similar colors for my nail polish.

These are my go-to OPI nail polish colors that I wear on repeat all the time!

opi nail


Steel Waters Run Deep (light gray nail color)

Funny Bunny (white nail color)

You’re such a Budapest (pastel purple nail color)

Kiss me, I’m Brazilian (orange/pink nail color)

Tiramisu for Two (nude nail color)

It’s Pink P.M. (pastel pink nail color)

Princesses Rule (glitter pink nail color)

Got the Blues for Red (deep red nail color)

Got Myself into a Jam-balaya (hot pink nail color)

I’ve been wearing these OPI nail polish colors on repeat lately.

I can’t wait to start getting more OPI colors to add to the list. There are so many I want to try. You can follow along with me on my Pinterest board called “Nailed It!” for more OPI nail inspirations!

Till next time!

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