Traditional Master Bedroom Decor

traditional decor

When it comes to Master bedroom decor, I prefer to keep things simple and traditional. Clean classic designs, with neutral colors is what I love the most. I’ve learned in the past from decorating my bedrooms that any over stimulating colors or designs are not relaxing and defeat the purpose of a relaxing retreat. Learning from my past design mishaps, I now stick to simple classic designs that reflect that relaxing and tranquil retreat I’m going for.


This design style above is one of my absolute favorite. I call this style traditional simply because of the classic ivory, whites, and beige colors, plus the classic design style of the furniture. In addition, I like to add true traditional pieces to my Master bedroom with the great accent reading chairs.


For art work and decor, I like to continue the simple theme, with minimalist art work that has a calming effect. I also Love adding flowers and greenery into every room! I’m a huge believer that having plants and flowers indoors helps bring life and a relaxing feel into any space.


For the lighting, I always go with simple, clean lines. Nothing too bulky or over the top that will clutter the nightstand. One thing, I always, always make sure a lamp has is height. There is just something so elegant and beautiful about tall lamps. Plus the tall height of the lamps helps draw the eye upward and gives great variation to the decor.


For bedding, you guessed it, traditional. I like the look of white and ivory bedding because of how bright and welcoming it looks in the bedroom. I find that darker color comforters have a tendency to darken the whole entire room, and I’m all about the lighter side of life.


As for the dressers and nightstands I prefer to get unique, oversized, pieces with elegant wood details that enrich the space and add a pop to the room design. The dresser is only second to the bed as a center piece of the room, so make sure it has a gorgeous design you love to look at.


For the bed, I love oversized, tall headboards that are upholstered. The upholstered look is my preferred style only because it is comfortable to lean on when sitting in bed and it adds a warmth and welcoming feel to the room.

Where to buy these pieces:

If you were wonder where to find any of these pieces, I have included the links below for you. You simple just have to click on any image and it will bring you to the site.

Just remember when you are decorating your space to stick to your gut. If you think its “not right” or “too over the top” for the space, then stick to that feeling and keep looking. I know I used to be so determined to just finish decorating that I would buy pieces even if I didn’t love them, but not anymore. Now I’m super picky, and will hold out till I find the absolute perfect piece.

Where I shop for my decor:

If you have been wondering where I have been shopping the most for me house decor, the answer is wayfair. They have great designs, that ship to you fast, and they have all held up excellent and look as stunning as the pictures on line.

Any questions about decor or the pieces or just to say hey, comment below and I will get right back to you!
For more design inspirations check out my decor tab on the home page.
Talk to you soon!
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