Dream Office Decor: Classic, Feminine Design

classic office decor with feminine touches

Let’s talk office decor! Have you ever sat and planned out every detail of a room in your head, or how you want your first home or office to look? I literally do that ALL the time! I love designing and coming up with new ideas on how to decorate a room.

As a little girl, I used to constantly rearrange my bedroom furniture over and over again just because I loved switching things up. There just something so refreshing about changing things up. Plus, I get bored really easily so changing things up a lot is just common practice for me. Keeps things fun and interesting in my opinion.

But anyways….the purpose of this post is that I have been dreaming of how to decorate my first home office and I am so glad that now I will have the space to do it. I have been brainstorming and trying to come up with ideas of what I wanted for a while. Plus, I’ve been browsing Pinterest religiously trying to find inspiration for what kind of style I want in my office.

In the end, I didn’t find one specific picture that I was like, YES! I NEED TO RECREATE THIS! So, I just started pulling individual pieces of things I liked and throwing them into a folder and seeing what mixes well, and what doesn’t. In the end, I ended up with a pretty great looking inspiration board, which I’m pretty happy with.

The general color scheme of my home office is black, white & blush. I’ve always just loved classic black and white (those were actually the colors of my wedding). I just like plain simple palettes like that, but I like a small subtle pop of color too. And even though my favorite color is mint green, I decided to go with a blush color as my accent color.

I kept falling in love with all these small blush pink pieces and nothing really in the blue/green family was catching my eye, so I decided to choose pink as the final pop of color. Plus, pink is such a happy color, I just look at it and it’s hard to not feel energized and happy, and those are definitely the qualities I need when I’m working, so I knew it was the perfect color.

I started by building the whole décor around my black writing desk and the black leather sofa that I already have. The writing desk was actually a gift from my father-in-law and I absolutely love it!

I never had a simple desk like this before and honestly, I don’t think I can ever go back to a big bulky desk again. I just love the clean, simple lines of the desk and the minimal but perfectly organized storage drawer. I have slowly been adopting a more minimalistic style in everything in my life, so it makes sense that my workspace would reflect that as well.

In general, I prefer light, bright rooms with white furniture, but since I already had the black furniture I decided that everything else I added to the room would be white or blush to help brighten everything up in the room. I choose to go with the white bookshelves and white filing cabinet to help balance out the black furniture.

Then I decided to add in all the blush accent colors in the chair, pillows, flowers, frames, artwork, and lamp. This way the room felt like it had a nice balance of all colors. I’ve also recently been loving indoor plants because I feel it just add a natural and refreshing touch to the room. Lastly, I added a nice blush pink with silver accent rug to the floor to help pull all the pieces together.

Ultimately, I’m super happy with how all the pieces work together and the overall look of the room. I’m definitely excited to start getting these pieces put together once we fully move in and setting my office up! It’s going to be such an amazing feeling!

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What is your favorite décor style?

Mine is a mix of traditional & modern farmhouse styles. You can check out my other home decor ideas on my Pinterest page HERE. Or you can check out my other decor blog posts HERE.


Talk to you soon!

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