Coconut Oil Hair Mask: How to Tutorial

Coconut oil for hair

Deep conditioning my hair is a MUST! With long, light blonde hair breakage is always occurring. So to stop all the breakage I have been doing coconut oil hair masks for years now.

These masks are the only way to keep my hair in amazing condition. I swear by doing these at least once a week to cutdown on breakage and to strengthen your hair.

Plus this coconut oil hair mask will add so much shine to your hair and make it feel baby smooth. It’s honestly heavenly!

Click on the video below to watch the tutorial on how to oil your hair. Or for my bookworms out there, continue reading below the video to the step by step guide.

Supplies you need for coconut oil hair mask:

Coconut oil of your choice

Plastic comb

Hair clip

How to coconut oil your hair:

1. Brush all the knots out of your hair

2. Take a scoop of coconut oil into your hands and rub it between your hands to warm it up

3. Start applying the oil to your ends and working your way up your hair

4. Take comb and brush the oil through your hair

5. (Optional) Take another scoop of oil and massage into scalp

6. Gather hair into a bun on top of head and secure it with a hair clip

7. Leave in for at least 2 hours, then wash hair like normal

Keep in mind the oil is sometimes difficult to get out of your hair. So the best way to make sure all the oil is out is to shampoo your hair twice and then follow with conditioner once. This way all the coconut oil will get out of your hair and not leave your hair oily.

This hair mask works best if you do it at least once a week. I find that when I consistently do this hair mask once a week my hair’s overall condition is amazing! It feels so soft and manageable.

Plus it always makes me feel better when I use this coconut oil hair mask because I use so much heat on my hair. I just feel like it balances out the damage more.

The best thing about this hair mask is you can use the coconut oil for so many other things! I literally use coconut oil for everything. Cooking, moisturizing, teeth whitening, cleaning, and obviously hair care 😉.

I will do a more in depth post on my coconut oil addiction for you guys soon. But in the meantime you can check out these other posts here and here about my natural haircare routine.

If you have any questions just comment below and I will make sure I get back to you.

Talk to you soon!

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