Holiday Gift Guide for HIM (for under $50)

guide guide for him

Alright guys, here it is, the holiday gift guide for HIM you have been waiting for! If you are anything like me then, you love shopping for your man! I just find that guy gifts are so much more fun, than shopping for girl gifts. I love that you can get silly little gifts and your man will still laugh and enjoy the humor in it (well at least my guy lol).

So, for this gift guide for him,  decided to do a mix of regular great gifts with some fun stuff mixed in. I decided to keep the price of all gifts under $50 again, because theres no reason to blow your holiday budget when there are so many great options for under $50!

I will list out the guide for you just like my gift guide for HER so that it’s the same layout and easy to navigate for you. This is the link for the holiday gift guide for her HERE for you guys, just in case you missed it!

Gift Guide for HIM by category:

1. Stance socks- my husband and I are obsessed with Stance socks! So comfy and great designs.
2. Workout gear- Nike workout gear is always the way to go for the guy who likes the gym.
3. Kitchen supplies- fun kitchen gadgets for any grilling’, beer drinkin’, tea sipping man.
4. Office decor- these are great desktop decor to keep your man organized.
5. Surviver man- if your man is a true surviver man, than these survival kits are a must for him!
6. Grooming- These grooming kits are perfect for any guy who likes to look good for you. 😉
7. Belts- personally, I love a good belt. One of my favorite brands is Mission belts, so classic.
8. Tie clips- Fun or classic tie clips, either way your man will show his personality with these.
9. Ties- I’m a sucker for a guy in a tie. Nothing beats a classic style on a man.
10. Misc. kits- Cocktail kit, charger kit, and travel kits are always handy for the man on the go.
11. Jackets- classic cotton, jean, or winter coat, whatever the style it’s here for you.
12. Accessories- Call me crazy but I love a good bracelet on a man. Leather of course is a plus!
13. Shoes- whether it’s classic business, boots, or sneakers, there’s a style here for him.
14. Watches- watches are the best accessory! Fitness, formal, or flashback options here for him.

Click on any image below to shop the item in the Gift Guide!

There you have it! The 2017 holiday gift guide for him!

You guys can also check out my Pinterest page for more holiday gift ideas HERE.

I hope this list gives you guys some inspiration and ideas for some gifts for your man this holiday season. To me there is nothing better than getting gifts for your man. Whether you are looking for something fun, silly, or classic, this guide has you covered from A-Z.

What are some of your favorite gifts you have gotten for you man in the past? I would have to say for me it was when I got my husband a pair of white nike sneakers. He had been looking for a very specific pair for months, and I found the perfect pair and got them for him fo Christmas and I was soooo proud of myself for finding them, cause I looked EVERYWHERE! 😆 The things we do for the men we love lol.

Anyways….happy shopping! Hope everyone has an amazing holiday season!!!

Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I get commission off of items featured in this post. 

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