Marriage Monday: Our Anniversary Tattoos

October 13th, 2017 officially marked 8 years my husband and I have been together. Four of those years have been of marriage. We got married on October, 13th, 2013. I know that’s a lot of 13’s. If you didn’t see our very first Marriage Monday post, then make sure you go check it out because we explain everything about why we chose that number and more random Q&A’s.  Anyways…. this year, our wedding anniversary landed on a Friday the 13th, which made it extra special!

My husband and I are huge October fans, we just love everything about the month, Halloween, the weather, the early fall season feelings, it’s just all perfect! So, when we found out that our anniversary landed on a Friday the 13th we knew we had to do something extra special! The problem was we just didn’t know what to do because we didn’t want to blow a huge budget on our anniversary since we are saving for our first home. I must have looked up a million different things to do for us, but all of them were just too expensive. So luckily out of nowhere my husband texts me that his tattoo artist, Javier Antunez, who did his amazing award-winning sleeve, was going to be running a special on Friday the 13th for #13 tattoos for $13! It was seriously a fate/ meant to be moment! I was like YES! Let’s do this!

I had been wanting to get a tiny, feminine style tattoo for a while but I just couldn’t think of what I wanted because I didn’t just want a random tattoo that wouldn’t mean anything to me in a couple years. So as soon as my husband told me about this #13 tattoo day, I immediately thought this was the perfect opportunity to get my tiny, feminine, tattoo that would be meaningful forever. I started designing the look of the tattoo that night. I knew I wanted the number to be in roman numerals because I love the classic look of those tattoos but deciding where to put it on my body was way trickier. I first was thinking of doing my rib cage vertically, but I already have a tiny tattoo on my right rib cage and I didn’t want both sides tattooed. I also already have a tiny tattoo on my left hip so the hips were a no go either. I also knew I wanted the tattoo to be covered at all times when I was at work because I didn’t want to have to worry about covering up my tattoo every day for my patients. Ultimately, I decided my back was the best spot for the tattoo. The placement was perfect for me. It’s discrete, covered when need be, but can be beautifully displaced in backless dresses. Now it was time to come up with the design!

I originally designed a horizontal roman numeral tattoo but when I had my husband practice drawing it on me so I could see if I liked it, I decided it looked weird and didn’t flow with the natural anatomy of my back. I then redesigned the tattoo to be vertical and run straight down my spine. At first, I only had the roman numerals and no lines, but once again when I drew it on myself, it looked weird and also too small like it was a smudge on my back. So, then I decided to add a little “minimalist” detail to it, and knew the straight solid lines would be perfect. I wanted the lines to continue directly down my spine to keep in line with the sleek look I was going for. I ended up typing up the design in a word document super quick and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. It’s was simple, minimalistic, tiny, and feminine, everything I wanted wrapped up in one design. I was thrilled and even more excited that I designed it myself. I snapped a quick picture of my design and the next day we were off to the tattoo shop!

I ended up getting my tattoo first because the place my husband originally wanted his tattoo (his ring finger) the tattoo artist explained how it was not ideal, and how with his wedding band over it, it would constantly rub and wear and look like a black smudge in a couple years. Obviously, my husband didn’t want that so while I was getting tattooed, my husband brain stormed new placements for his tattoo. In the end the tattoo artist, suggested that Jesse do it on his outer wrist so that in the future if he wants to get more tattoos, it’s not in a place that would prevent him from getting any design he wanted. We both agreed after looking at the new placement with the stencil on him that it was the perfect spot! Then before you know it my husband’s the one in the chair getting tattooed. And just like that we had our perfectly, unique, wedding anniversary tattoos. It was a great sentimental moment.

After that we started heading home because my husband was scheduled to work that night and I knew he needed to start getting ready before he had to go in. We were driving home and we were talking about where we wanted to go eat on Monday (my husband’s next day off) for dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and he said “well I’m taking you to your favorite restaurant tonight”, and I just replied “you mean Monday”. And he said “no today, I took off tonight for you”. I literally erupted into tears immediately. You have to understand we normally never get to celebrate anniversary’s or holidays on the actual day, we just wait for our next day off together, so it was extra special that he went out of his way to make sure he had off to celebrate with me on the actual anniversary DAY! Of course, seeing me cry tears of joy, my husband pulled over the car and we just hugged while I continued crying like a baby lol. It really was the sweetest moment ever. I live for little moments like that in life. The little moments when people in your life show you just how much you mean to them. It’s just the best feeling in the world. I’ll take moments like that over any store-bought gift any day!

And there you have it, the story of our 4-year wedding anniversary/Friday the 13th tattoos.

P.S: I linked the tattoo artists info under his name in the post, but I’ll link it below as well for those of you asking on Instagram too. He really does the most incredible masterpieces of art so if you’re looking for a great artist in south Florida, he’s your guy!

Tattooed Theory: Artist & Owner-  Javi Antunez

Talk to you guys soon!

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  1. I love that idea!! It’s really difficult trying to spend time together when both people work full time so I know about not celebrating on the actual day. It was really sweet of him to take the day off. 😊

    1. thank you! I guess that’s the great thing about marriage, just gotta make things work any way you can with your schedules. Yeah, he is always finding sweet ways like that to surprise me ☺️

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