DIY Scarf: How to make an infinity scarf from scratch

I learned to knit when I was in fifth grade and ever since then I have loved making random things like bags, scarfs, and (attempting) sweaters lol. So, one day I was on Pinterest looking for knitting patterns for infinity scarfs and I came across a video for crocheting, which looked WAY easier than knitting. I of course immediately started looking up YouTube videos to see if it was going to be something I could even teach myself to do and sure enough it was surprisingly easy!

That day I went to Michael’s craft store and I got a crochet needle set and some yard and I started following a YouTube video on how to make a baby blanket. It was tricky at first to understand all the terms and to figure out what I was doing but literally after like 2 rows muscle memory takes over and you coast from there. I wish I could remember the actually video I used but I can’t. Although, if you just type in the YouTube search “crochet for beginners” or “Learn how to crochet” a bunch of videos pop up that are super helpful and go step by step. I think this is the best way to learn because you can pause the video and rewind a bunch until you get it. I did this twice, both times making a blanket because it was a simple square pattern.

Ok so after I made 2 blankets, I was feeling pretty good about my skills and I decided to tackle the infinity scarf pattern. This was literally just like the blankets other than you have to figure out how long you want the scarf first (or in other words, how many times you want it to wrap around your neck). I made my extra-long, so it wraps around my neck 3 times. That way its extra thick and keeps me warm in the cold weather. If you want more of just a decorative scarf then I would suggest only having the scarf wrap twice and using a thinner yarn than the one I’m going to talk about in this post. Keep in mind if you use a thinner yard then you will need to use a smaller needle as well. But don’t worry if you don’t know which size to use with which yarn. Just find a yarn you like and look on the side of the packaging because they will list the needle size you need to use for best results with that yarn. Super convenient, right!?

To make a scarf exactly like the one pictured above, this is what you’ll need:

* Size 8.0mm crochet needle
Bernat Blanket yard (220 yards) in color of your choice (this is literally the softest yarn ever invented!)
* Scarf pattern

And…..THAT’S IT! Super cheap and easy!

This is the pattern I used:

These are the needles I use:

This is the yarn I used:

This is what the yarn looks like:

So, once you have all the supplies ready to go, you can start! I suggest first practicing making a tiny square sample until you get used to the hand movements because the last thing you want is the scarf to have mistakes in random spots because you can’t really go backwards to fix it. Another important tip is if you hold the yarn loose to start, then keep that same tension/slack throughout the whole piece or else it will look different and weird in some spots. For the scarf pictured here I used a very loose tension with lots of yarn slack the whole way around to give it a uniformed, wider knit look. If you prefer the tighter knit (aka less holes between stiches) then hold the yarn taught all the way through the scarf and the pattern will be much tighter with less holes between stitches. The picture below is an example of what the pattern looks like with a loose tension when crocheting.

Once you’ve figured out the kind of look you want your scarf to have then dive in and start crocheting! Also, if you want to use a different pattern there are a ton of great free patterns online either through Pinterest or YouTube! These are the two sites I use to get all my patterns. I find that these sites offer the best tutorials and patterns for beginners like me.  After you have completed your scarf if should look something like this:

Just remember to have fun with it! I think I started mine the first time then realized I made a mistake about ¼ of the way in and had to start over lol. But it’s a learning experience and it can actually be super relaxing cause you are just focusing on the pattern and your mind kind of just zones out for a little. At least that’s the case for me, anyways. Super Zen. Then when you’re all done you have this great, super cozy, fashionable scarf that’s one of a kind!

If you guys have any questions about the products I used or direct links so some of my other patterns then just comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to ya!

Talk to you soon!

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