YouTube Tuesday: My Skincare Routine

Happy Tuesday everyone! So for todays YouTube video I am going to be talking all about my skincare routine. What I use, why I use it , and all that jazz. So this is also a super quick video because just like my haircare routine, my skincare routine is pretty basic and easy. I don’t like using a ton of products because I feel it’s just one more thing to make my sin breakout. All the products I use (at least for the most part) are organic or advertised as “natural” in some way. I try to stick to only the basic when it comes to skincare because I have very sensitive, fair skin and when I breakout, man will it show.

In this video I only cover the skincare products I use. I don’t talk about any of the make-up I use in this one because then I would of been A LOT longer lol. I figured I’d do a separate video just on my make-up routine because that one is a little more complicated. Plus, in my make-up routine I use a combination of organic and non-organic products. Though I do have variations for organics in all my products so I will explain my favorites and best organic dubs for the best non-organic make-up products. So make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see when that video is uploaded!

This video is literally an outline of everything I use on my skin on daily for about 2 years now. Like I said, I keep it very simple and limited because I find if I do too many things my skin reacts badly. So here’s the basic breakdown of my skincare routine:

I wash my face twice a day with the Calia Facial Cleanser

I apply the Calia Facial Toner twice a day after I wash my face

I then apply about 2-3 sprays of rose water to my face and let it dry

I then directly apply my sunscreen called KissmyFace in SPF30 and apply my make-up right over this. If it is night time I just apply my Calia Rose Rejuvenating cream and go to sleep 😴

At night time, after I apply my night cream (mentioned above) I then apply Castor Oil to my eyebrows and eyelashes to help with hair growth.

Now for my DIY skincare remedies I use a combination of equal parts baking soda and coconut oil as a mask about once a week (or more if my skin is breaking out). I leave this mask on for about 5 mins and then I rinse it off with warm water and wash my face with my facial cleanser, and then splash super cold water on my face to help shrink those pores up!

For spot treatment, like when you have that one annoying pimple that always happens to pop up on an important day lol, I use a little bit of baking soda mixed with a dab of water and apply it directly to the pimple over night of for a couple hours and then rinse it off. I find this really helps take out the pimple redness and helps dry out the pore and make the pimple go away faster. But be careful to not do this too often or to be too aggressive with baking soda because it is a natural exfoliant and you don’t want to over exfoliate your skin and damage it.

And that’s it folks!

Yeah my skincare routine is really simple, and straight forward. I am not about all those crazy, expensive products because I have tried them in the past and I really didn’t notice any improvement in my skin. I find that these cheap and natural products have made the best improvement in my skin. This skincare routine has made a huge difference in my skin and has made it so much more manageable. It’s always nice when you can just wake up with clear skin and just throw on your make-up and not worry about covering up a pimple lol, right!?

So, if you are just looking for a new skin routine, or you are over using super expensive products that just don’t work, then maybe give this skincare routine a try and see if it works for you too! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about the products or if you have any awesome skincare routine tips you want to share! I love finding out what works for other people and learning new tips!

Talk to you guys soon!

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