YouTube Tuesday: Calia Product Review

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or paid by Calia Naturals. All opinions and suggestions are my own. These are all products I paid for and use regularly.

Hi guys! So, I wanted to do a quick review on some of the Calia products I use since I get so many questions about what I use for my hair and skin. These are all products I truly use and I am not paid to promote these to you. I just wanted to genuinely share my opinion on the products and why I use them with you guys. So, let’s dive right in!

Background: Calia is a Canada based brand that ships to the US and all of their products contain only true organic ingredients. There are no chemicals or detergents, so it’s perfect for people like me with super sensitive skin. You can check out their site here!

Below is the full video review:

First up, Face, I use the daily face cleanser. This is the only product that does not make my skin irritated and cleans all the make-up off in one wash. I have extremely sensitive skin, I’m talking even using Cephail face cleanser burns my face (no joke, it’s not fun). I have found that is seems to be the only face wash I can use that doesn’t burn when I use it and leave my skin red and irritated. Then after I get out of the shower I use the rose facial toner, which is probabaly my favorite because I feel like it shrinks my pores and leaves my face feeling super clean. After the toner, I normally use the rose rejuvenating cream which is a thicker moisturizer which helps keep my skin moisturized but not oily. I also love that this has rose in it because I find that the rose really helps settle any redness in my skin.

For my body, in the shower I use the Calia body wash (unscented). Sometimes if I want to add a scent to the body wash I will add a couple drops of the Calia lavender essential oil to it and it makes a heavenly, relaxing scented body wash. This body wash is also great for my sensitive skin since its all organic ingredients, though I normally use a lot and it comes in a small bottle, so I go through it pretty quick. After the shower, I use the Calia body conditioning milk. I know it sounds weird. This stuff is like a super thin lotion without that thick lotion residue. I love this stuff because down in south FL is crazy HOT (like 100 everyday) and I can put this stuff on and wear my clothes over it and not feel like my clothes are sticking to me like when I wear regular lotion. It’s great a moisturizing skin, though I live in humid climates so I can’t speak for how well in moisturizes skin in those colder dry climates.

For my hair, I use the Calia purifying shampoo and conditioner. The thing I love about this stuff is that I can purchase it in a gallon, which is amazing cause I literally only end up having to buy shampoo and conditioner once or twice a year! Yay! Talk about savings. Also, if you buy the gallons it does come with a free pump, though I always just transfer it into smaller bottles cause I don’t want to take up room in the shower. I use this stuff exclusively on my hair. I never switch and use another shampoo or conditioner because this stuff just makes my hair feel so clean and healthy. I know in the past when I used other expensive and drugstore shampoos and conditioners they always left an oily residue in my hair which would drive me crazy. So this stuff has been a godsend, because it never created a build-up on my hair. I will say my hairs shine and strength has definitely improved after using this stuff, which has made my hair seem like it’s growing faster because it’s not breaking off on the ends as much now.

As you can see I love my Calia products! I started off just using the shampoo and conditioner and then slowly started getting their other products and just have never switched back to anything else. It’s now been 3 years of me using their products religiously and I don’t think I can ever go back to anything else. Seriously, if this company stops selling I don’t know what I will do lol.

If you guys have any questions about the Calia products, or anything else just comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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