All about us: Marriage Q&A

Hey everyone! So I’m super excited for this post because this is something I have been wanting to dive into and talk about since the beginning.

The reason I decided I wanted to start a blog was because one day my husband and I were sitting on the couch after we had just gotten back from a vacation and I said “let’s see all the pictures we took”. We pulled out our phones and combined between the 2 of us we had only taken 10 pictures! 10!? A whole vacation and we only took 10 pictures!? I could have sworn in my head we took more but there was the proof right in front of us. I was so bummed because we did so many great activities and I planned out all my outfits, and what did I have to look back and remember it by? Nada. I decided right then I wanted to create something that can be like a memory bank for us. For all our travels, our amazing moments in life that I want to cherish, and just fun silly everyday stuff. I wanted to make myself accountable for documenting our memories so that we had something to look back on later in life and reminisce. THAT’s why I started this blog, that and because I’ve always loved writing and find it to be such a great creative release.

In addition, I figured why not share our life and memories with all of you and in the process if I can offer advice and help someone out with their relationship, fashion advice, hair ideas, or whatever, then GREAT! Added bonus! I love helping others and sharing things that have worked for me and even sharing the things that didn’t, cause learning from mistakes is just as important. Pobody’s Nerfect! (That’s a quote from the office, couldn’t help myself, I love quoting tv shows/movies). Anyways…… So, I figured I’d kick off this “Marriage Monday” post with some fun facts about me and my hubs from questions I’ve gotten, so you can get to know us better before we dig in to the nitty-gritty tips/advice in later posts.

On to the Q & A!!!

1. What are your names?
I’m Chelsea and my husband’s name is Jesse

2. How long have you been together?
We have been together since Nov. 2009.

Found a pic of us from 2009- we look like babies! These facial expressions pretty much totally sum up our personalities and relationship lol 😂

3. How long have you been married?
4 years! Omg time flies. It went by so fast.

4. How did you meet?
We were working in the same restaurant. I actually got transferred to that location after the branch I was in shut down and him and all the other servers were not a fan of a newbie coming in to take away some of their shifts so he actually didn’t talk to me for awhile lol. But, I ultimately won him over with my witty charm!

5. Where are you guys from?
We are actually both born and raised in South Florida but are hoping to be moving to a different area soon to try something new. So exciting!!

6. When did you get married?
We got married on Oct 13, 2013. Number 13 has always been a lucky # for my husband, and then when I meet him it kinda just developed into this lucky # for both of us and we just have ran with it ever since. Lucky #13 all the way!

oh yeah, I was a brunette for our wedding

7. Do you have any kids?
Nope. No kiddos. Just 3 absolutely, adorable kitties that we think are our children lol. Samual L. Catson, Quentin Tabbytino, and Luna Lovegood. (lol kinda a pulp fiction + harry potter name theme going)

8. Do you guys have similar hobbies/interests?
YUP! Luckily I found me a guy who likes most the stuff I like. We both love golf (I know most people are like what!? That’s so boring… but I love it. Most his friends think that he forces me to watch golf, but I love watching it!) We also are both big movie people. He always has the inside details about new movies and we both just love going to watch movies, normally once a week. Those are the two main hobbies we love doing together then from there we each have our own interests that sometimes we share and enjoy together.

9. How long did you date before you got engaged?
We dated for about 3 years before he proposed. Then we married a year after that.

This is from when we went wedding registry shopping!

10. Do you guys have any traditions?
100%. We don’t consider ourselves traditional by any means, but we have developed little traditions here and there in our lives that have become an anchor for us. I’ll share a post about our traditions because I think it’s such a great/ fun topic. To give you an idea, some of my favorite ones are as simple as our morning routine, our weekend activities, and things like that. I’ll do a post for you guys on all of them more in depth (lol we have a good amount of them).

11. How tall are you guys?
Haha, I get this question a lot! I guess we both look really tall in our pictures. My husband is 6’3’’ and I’m 5’9’’.

12. What’s your favorite thing about each other?
I would have to say our witty-banter and how we joke around together. It’s what attracted me to him from the beginning and still is my favorite thing. We both have a dry sarcasm and I love that he can throw jokes right back at me as fast as I can dish them.

13. How did you know he was “the one”?
This is a really common question I get. And it’s so funny cause I remember asking this question to other couples when I was younger and literally having no Idea what they meant when they said “when it’s right, you’ll just know”. But, it’s so true. So, what I mean by this is, it was almost just a gut feeling for me. I can actually recall the first time I ever saw my husband… here we go mushy story mode activated… I was sitting in the new restaurant that I got transferred to in a meeting with the new boss and a couple other new employees who got transferred with me, and all the sudden the front door of the restaurant opens and he (my now hubs) walked in. I literally got butterflies in my stomach and immediately said to myself “here comes trouble” lol. I of course was in no way thinking “love at first sight or anything like that” it was more “omg , that guy is so attractive and sexy” lol. Classy I know, right? But it’s the truth, it was purely a sexual attraction if you will which made me determined to get to know him more. So, we were friends for a long time and then eventually just decided “what-the-hell” and gave the dating thing a shot and boy were my gut instincts right! Lol I’m telling you I still look at my husband every now and then and am like “DAMN, he is fine”! I think for me that instinctive sexual attraction to someone is really important because it will be what keeps your passion and intimacy alive for years to come. But most importantly, “the gut” feeling of this “just feels right” was how I knew. I just felt like I was home when I was with him. I’m not sure if that makes sense but you know that feeling you get after a long day and all you want is to get home and relax and forget your troubles, well Jesse was that for me, I looked forward (and still do) to seeing him every time and it just felt like home when I was with him. I think that was when I knew for sure he was the one.

So, there you have it the top 13 questions I get about our marriage. And yes, of course I had to do 13 lol. Anyways… I hope this little Q&A helped you guys get to know us a little bit better because I can’t wait to share with you all the advice and things we’ve learned along the way through our years of marriage. I’m thinking I’ll maybe do a “Marriage Monday” thing to keep it consistent for you guys and leave the other days free for my other life passions, but we’ll see.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like, if you prefer set themes for the day or just want a random selection of dealer’s choice. I’m happy to do either way for you guys.

Talk to you soon!

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    1. Thank you! So glad you like the idea of marriage mondays! Also, that’s so awesome that the date means something to you too. 10-17 is an awesome date!

  1. I really loved this post, it made me so happy! I definitely feel you too on going away and taking no pictures. The bf and I always end up doing that.
    You two seem super happy xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I know it’s so crazy, right? Like you think you took a million and you only have 10 lol. Story of my life, until now!

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