Fall Make-up Must-haves

Up next in the Fall Series is, you guessed it, make-up!

For Fall I love switching up my make-up routine and going with richer and warm colors that reflect the season. These richer tones are my favorite to wear every Fall season. My make-up color palette normally consists of pale pinks and neutrals, so this is always a fun time of year to switch things up and embrace my darker side.

Fall Face- Make-up Inspiration

  1. NARS – Burgundy lipstick (gorgeous deep color!)
  2. Tarte – Brown eyeshadow (my go-to eyeshadow palette)
  3. Bobbi Brown – Brown eyeliner (this stuff is amazing! Goes on smooth and doesn’t smudge)
  4. Bobbi Brown – Gold shimmer cream shadow (I use this at the inner corners of my eyes and under my eyebrows as a highlight)
  5. NARS – purple blush (little goes a long way. Just adds a deep tint that pairs great with the lipstick)
  6. Bobbi brown – Smokey eye mascara (this stuff is my holy grail of mascara. Goes on smooth, not clumpy. Last all day without smudging or under-eye flakes. Plus, it makes my lashes crazy long and thick. It’s perfection in a bottle lol)
  7. Elf – Clear eyebrow setter (I don’t pencil in my eyebrows. So I just brush at little of this clear stuff over my brows to set them in place and go. Works like a dream!)


If you missed Fall series part 1 & 2 I’ll link it here for you.


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Final post in the Fall series will be coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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