Fall Fashion

Part 2 in the “Fall Series” is FASHION!

The best part about fall season is cooler weather and fun layering of clothes with comfy sweaters and high boots. I love embracing the season with adding some changes to my wardrobe. I figured I’d share with you all the things I keep in my closet for every fall season, because honestly they are just so comfy and adorable I look forward to wearing these items every year. Plus, the best part about all these fall fashion finds is that they are pieces that can be worn for many seasons to come. Consider this like your fall fashion capsule wardrobe.   So let’s dive in and check them out.

Here are my Fall Fashion must-haves! Click the image to shop the look:

  • High socks – This baby is #1 on my list because I love wearing these around the house, out and everywhere I can. These are just so comfy and add a great little fun accent to your outfit. I just love the little peek-a-boo high sock with the high boots look. One of my favorites!


  •  Tan boots and bags – I love this tan color during fall for bags and boots because it goes so well with all the colors of the season and it’s so easy to mix and match with the tan color to get the most out of all your outfits.


  • Skinny jeans – I love my Express jeans! I don;t know why but these jeans are my go to every year, year round. Every pair of jeans I own right now are actually Express because they are the only ones that I find fit my body the best. I’m tall and on the leaner side so these lay perfectly on my body shape and are actually long enough to cover my long legs. AMEN!


  • Oversized sweaters – This is for sure a must for fall season for me. It’s like wearing a blanket around all day! I mean, come on it doesn’t get any more comfortable than that!


  • Burgundy accents – So normally I never wear red colors (or at least try not to) not because I don’t love them, cause I definitely do! See I have very fair skin, and it flushes red very, VERY easily and almost everything causes it (eating/drinking hot food, alcohol, hot day out, talking too fast, when I’m stressed… literally you name it I will probably turn red lol) So to make sure I don’t accentuate the redness that can come and go in my skin, I stay away from red colors. BUT….my one exception is holiday season, this is the one time of year (in Florida at least) that gets some what cooler, which means less red flushing for me, so I like to incorporate some burgundy colors into my wardrobe. I find that is deep, cooler shade of red suits me skin tone better and doesn’t seem to bring out the redness in my skin. This deeper, cool shade is also my color of choice for red lipsticks for the same reason.


  • Gold jewelry – I myself am a silver girl normally. Silver just stands out to me more and for some reason I find myself buying it more. But…during the holiday season like everything else…I switch it up! lol Gold is my favorite jewelry color during fall because if just brings out the warmth of the season to me. I prefer minimalist looking jewelry with geometric shapes like the ones in the picture above, and if I’m wearing a long necklace like this one I will pair it with a smaller stud earring as to not look too all over the place.


I included a jacket option, this is one of my favorite designs (though I never get to wear it down here in Florida) but it’s a great option for those of you in those nice colder climates to add to the look.


So, there you are my fall fashion capsule wardrobe. Gets me through every season. These little classics always find their way into my wardrobe and I’m totally okay with it!


If you missed my Fall Series Part 1, I’ll link it here for you. 😊


Up next on the Fall Series… well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to see…



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