You’re Making Me Blush!

I’m not sure why, but lately I have been in a blush color everything mood. I mean from my accessories to my clothes, everything I’m drawn to is blush color. I think it’s just such a feminine and sweet color without being too bright pink and in your face.



So here are some of my favorite accessories that I’ve been wearing on a daily basis:

  1. Rose gold Apple watch with pink band. I use my Apple watch every day, I walk so much at work and I just love how it tracks everything for me and makes it easy to check my texts & emails without having to take out my phone. Check this baby here.
  1. Zenni Optics Blush glasses. I actually found out about this site from my sister-in-law but I have been loving it and ordering all my glasses from online here now. So if you have prescription glasses but are like me and leave them everywhere and don’t want to spend a million bucks on them, then this is the site for YOU! You just need to know your prescription number for your glasses then pick your frames and order em. Plus they have a feature where you can upload your picture and try on the glasses. I’ve ordered over 4 pairs of glasses from them and they are all great! I get so many compliments on these pink ones too! Check them out here.
  1. CarterLily Ultra Thin Soft Flamingo iPhone case. I’ve been loving everything flamingos lately so I of course had to get this case. Plus, it’s such a great price, how could I not get it?!
  1. Popsockets Expanding Stand & Grip in Blush. My husband actually convinced me to get this little guy to stick on the back of my phone and I have to say, IT’S AWESOME! I can’t imagine doing things on my phone without it. It just helps me hold it and not drop it. Also if you are one for watching videos on your phone it’s a great little stand to prop your phone up for you. Just love it!
  1. Blush Dreamcatcher Necklace. This was actually a gift from my cousin’s wife. She owns a company called Wire Peacock on Etsy and makes these beautiful necklaces and a bunch of other gorgeous stuff! I can tell you I sometimes want to wear this necklace so bad I will plan my whole outfit around it! It’s just that perfect. You can shop all her amazing stuff here

So there you have it, that’s my list of my daily dose of blush. I’m sure the list of things will soon grow but for now I’ll stick to these little goodies and keep blushing on!

Gotta Blush & Rush,


Blue Stripes & Pink Flamingos

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 2

Lately, I have been on a huge flamingo kick. I have just been loving everything flamingos and I swear it all started when my husband got me this adorable Kate Spade purse. It has become one of my favorite bags to pair with outfits! I find that I love just throwing together these simple and comfortable outfits in these crazy hot summer days and the pops of pink are my absolute favorite. So I wanted to share with you this simple look and where to find it!

I got this cross body Kate Spade handbag from my husband last year, so it might be hard to find now, but they have so many cute new ones that I love and you can check them all out here!

Of course, being from Florida and it feels like 100 degrees outside, jean shorts and breathable tops are a must!

I love these comfy jean shorts from American Eagle Outfitters (I have had them forever) but they are so soft and I’m never letting them go! You can get them here

The top is from J.Crew and is also something I have had forever, but it still looks brand new because their quality of clothes just holds up amazingly. You can find a similar one here

And of course, I can’t forget about my go-to Keds. I legit wear these plain white sneakers with everything! I just love the way they look with a variety of outfits, and they are so comfortable I can wear them all day. You can find them here

And that’s it! My simple summer outfit that will keep you comfortable all day long.

Also, not to forget, this post is featuring my adorable kitten, Quentin Tabbytino! She’s an angel.

Have a Blissful Day!

xox, Chelsea

Caffeine Please!

Coffee Drink!

PA school has definitely made me addicted to coffee! Coffee morning, noon, and night is what kept me going, so I have definitely perfected my favorite coffee recipe and wanted to share it with you!

So my new drink is caramel macchiato, and this recipe is perfect for those caramel lovers out there!


Double shot Nespresso lungo cup

1/2 tbsp vanilla syrup

1 cup frothed milk

2 tsp caramel drizzle

So delicious! Try it out and let me know if you liked it!

P.S :


xox, Chelsea

Guilty as Charged!

My List of Guilty Pleasures

Let’s face it, every girl needs her guilty pleasures! Whether it’s to get through a bad day or to try to keep your mind off something, guilty pleasures are a MUST in my book. I definitely have my list of go to things for different occasions that I just love to indulge in every now in then.

So to start things off one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures is binge watching a show. This is especially my go to when I’ve had a busy week and I finally have a day to myself. The shows of course vary but some of my recent favorites that I have binge watched are Big little lies (HBO), House of cards (Netflix), The falls (Netflix), The office (Netflix), and Parks and Rec (Netflix). Confession: I have probably watched every episode of the office 100 times and I still laugh at it, I can quote you any line. Try me!
Next guilty pleasure is chocolate covered raisins. I eat these any time I got to the movies or just watching a show at home. These little goodies are ALWAYS stocked in my house so I can just grab a couple to eat to satisfy my never-ending chocolate cravings.


Now, when I’ve had like an “OMG, I can’t believe the day I just had” kinda day I reach for my trusty old bartender skills. I worked as a bartender all through undergrad and some of grad school so I love making martinis and drinks at home to help unwind on some nights. Some of my all-time favorite drinks to make are French martinis, Chocolate martinis, Pina coladas, and Old fashions. (If you want the recipes I use just let me know and I’ll post em for ya!)


Lastly, my ultimate guilty pleasure is shopping. I am an Amazon addict. I swear, me with too much time and extra money is a dangerous combination. Before I know it I have 5 boxes showing up at my door in 2 days! I seriously use Amazon for everything though, it’s a must for me to have the Prime account with how much I purchase off there for school, work, and everyday things. But who doesn’t love coming home to packages at the door?!


So there you have it, my guilty pleasures for any occasion. It’s always fun to indulge every now and then.

Stay as you are, Blissfully Bubbly

My Transition to Natural

Hello my blissful beauties! Recently, I have been slowly transiting to as many natural products as possible. This all started when I happened to try some new make-up and had a terrible reaction to it which lead to a scary rash on my face. After that ordeal and a month long treatment from the dermatologist I was convinced I needed to find healthier products for my skin. Now the majority of the products I use today are all natural.

So here’s a few of my all-time favorites that I’ve been using for the last year:


I could do a whole post just on the products and tips and tricks I’ve learned to use for my hair. But here’s the shortened version J

  • Calia Natural Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner
    • This Stuff is my HOLY GRAIL! I found out about this stuff from a post by Holistichabits. I ordered it just to see if it works (it’s made in Canada but ships fast) and it is AMAZING! My hair is so soft and manageable and just feels overall healthier and not weighted down with build-up.
  • Bamboo Brush here
    • Not sure the name of the exact brand but you can find a similar one HERE. This is the only thing I use to brush my hair. It doesn’t pull or break my hair and it helps to evenly distribute the oils in my hair. I even have 2 travel sizes for on the go!
  • Coconut oil here
    • I will normally do a coconut oil mask once every couple of weeks. I find that when I have time and do it once a week the results are incredible and my hair feels and looks amazing, but sometimes a girl just doesn’t have time.



  • Calia Naturally Pure Facial Cleanser
    • Seeing a trend here..?  The only cleanser I will use on my face now
  • Calia Rose Rejuvenation Cream
    • I put this on every night before bed and wake up with bright, healthy skin
  • Teddie Organics- Organic Rose Water here
    • I go through bottles of this stuff like crazy just because I love spraying it so much! I spray a couple sprits on my face every morning before putting my makeup on and every night before bed. Takes all the redness out of my face like magic.
  • Kiss my Face Sunscreen- Face Factor with Hydresia (Broad spectrum SPF 30)here
    • Every morning before putting my make-up on I use this on my face, neck and chest. I swear by this stuff. I have worn it all day in bright sun without burning and I’m Casper level white people. It doesn’t smell like sunscreen, it’s not greasy, and I can easily apply my make-up over it. The BIGGEST plus is, it doesn’t make me break out! AMEN



Now I still do use some products which are not “Natural” products because I just love them and haven’t found a better organic substitute yet, but that being said, I try to only use organic make-up as my base or for the majority of my face. Here are my go-to’s:

            • Alima Pure Concealer- Get here (make sure to pick the right color for you!)
            • Alima Pure Blush here
            • Everyday Minerals Semi-matte Base here



        • Calia Body Wash
          • This is non-scented so you can add essential oils to it to make it whatever scent you like, which I find to be refreshing and fun.
        • Every Man Jack Body Wash here
          • Smells amazing! It is more of a masculine smell (which I love). The Cedarwood and sandalwood are my favorite but my husband loves the Eucalyptus one.
            • P.S. if your man is looking for a new hair product my husband swears by Every Man Jack fiber cream in matte finish for styling. here

    So there you have it, my favorite all natural products. These have all been a staple in my normal routine for over a year now and I can’t imagine using anything else. I just love ‘em too much!

    If you have any questions about the products feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to ya.

    Ta Ta for now, my blissfully bubbly beauties!


The Start of it All!

Hello, there! This marks the first blog post I will be sharing on my site! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years now, but never had the time with school and work, and now that I am officially done with school (AMEN!), I decided to dive into the blogging world and share with all of you my great finds, adventures, and favorite things to do. My hope is for this site to bring you inspiration and motivation in all aspects of you life. So sit back, relax , and be blissful!

Stay Tuned!

xoxo, Chelsea