How to Prepare for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

anniversary sale

Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here!

It’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the sale of the year, and I have all the juicy deals to share with you guys!

From sale dates to early access. With this guide you will get the best deals and items Nordstrom has to offer.

I have broken down all the blissful details into categories to help you find what you are looking for faster!

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The sale will run from July 12th- August 5th, 2018.

How do I get Early Access?

Early access starts on Thursday, July 12th, 2018- July 19th, 2018. Early access is available to all Nordstrom card holders.

With early access you will get first pick at all sale items before the general public to ensure to snag that cute top or brnalette you were looking for!

What if I’m not a Nordstrom Card Holder?

Don’t sweat it! If you are not a Nordstrom card holder than general access to the public starts on July 20th, 2018- August 5th, 2018.

With general access you can shop all the sale items available through the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. However since card holders have access a week before you, that cute top you been eyeing may already be sold out.

What are some of the best deals for this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Well, my loves, there are a million great sale on here. However, I have selected the top picks that sell out every year and have been wardrobe capsule items for the top bloggers for years!

Nordstrom Cheat Sheet for TOP PICKS to Get!

Don’t forget to click on any of the links below to shop the item directly!

Bookmark this page, and on the day of the sale, come here and get a direct quick link to all your favorite items!

These top picks always go so fast with the Anniversary sale. So make sure you have them book marked in your chart ready to go for the Sale!

This Free People Lace Bralette is always the quickest to go at these sales so make sure you have that in your chart and READY TO GO!

I’m praying I can snag this Free People Bralette in white this year!

OK, so there you have it a quick little breakdown of all the details about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Don’t forget to set your clocks to remind you so that your favorite items don’t sell out!

If you guys have any questions about the Sale, Just message me below and I’m get back to you!

If you blissful babes are look for more fashion deals check out this post HERE!

Talk to ya soon!




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Beach Accessories you Have to Have this Summer!

Beach Accessories are a girls best friend!

It’s summer time baby and that means time to go to the beach and pool and work on that tan!

As a follow up to my swimsuit style guide, I decided to do a beach accessories post. I want to make sure all you lovely ladies are looking good this summer!

I came up with a  quick guide to help you make sure you pack everything for the beach or pool day this summer.

As we all know, the look is all a about the accessories and a girl needs her accessories.

These items are a perfect match to that gorgeous swimsuit you are planning on sporting this summer.

So check it out below! Feel free to click on any of the links to directly shop the items!

beach accessories

As you can see, I’m a lover of all things pastel and girly! I love any bright colors because they just make you feel so happy and bubbly!

This mermaid in training towel is probably my absolute favorite, and it’s so affordable too!

Also, if you are like me, then you love organic and good for you products. Which is why I absolutely love the Kiss My Face line of sunscreens. And yes, I have tested these out for years, they really work and I promise you will not burn!

As for sandals I couldn’t resist and gorgeous pair of mint green flip flops! Hello, it’s my signature color!

Also this cover-up is definitely a splurge but when you think about it, it’s it’s own outfit for the rest of the day anyways.

And don’t forget about a cute towel to dry off with, some adorable sunnies, and the oh so necessary beach tote to hold all this fabulous stuff.

I swear going anywhere is an event for me with all my accessories, but hey I love how blissful they make me feel so I’m going to keep on doing me!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more of my style inspirations.

But most importantly, get out there and FIND YOUR BLISS!

Talk to you guys soon!

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The Best One-Pieces for Summer 2018

One Pieces Title

One-pieces have made a huge comeback!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but one-pieces are all the rage this summer.

There are so many new styles of one pieces to choose from, it can become overwhelming to find the perfect style for you. Which is why I have broken down this post into categories to help you find the perfect one piece.

The best part is I have included the prices in the categories to help you stay within budget. Or to help you splurge if you’re looking to break the bank.

Nonetheless, with this list in hand, you are sure to find the perfect one-piece this summer!


You can click on any of the swimsuits to shop the look directly!


These classic cut one-pieces are perfect for the classy, conservative girl this summer!

Cut Out


These swim suits add that little something extra with the gorgeous cut-out designs.

Embroider One Pieces

These gorgeous designed swimsuits are perfect for the fashionista that still wants to looks stylish on the beach!

Graphic One Pieces

These fun-loving, graphic swimsuits are perfect for the girl who just wants to have fun this summer!

High End

If you’re looking to show a little hip this summer, then check out this high cut, sexy swimsuits!

Low Back

Nothing sexier than showing a little back when sunbathing. Check out these gorgeous low back styles!


These low neck lines will surely gets some attraction on the beach this summer!

High Cut

If your are looking to splurge then check out these beauties!


If you are a girl one a budget, then you need to check out this amazing deals on these one-pieces!

Budget Blowing

Planning on breaking the bank this summer, then make sure you check out these stunning swimsuits!


There you have it! A complete guide to all the amazing one-pieces this summer for anyone’s budget. These gorgeous swimsuits will surely have everyone in awe this summer.

Don’t forget to pick up all the summer accessories this year too to go with your amazing one-piece. For some more style inspiration follow me on instagram and Pinterest!

Or shop my looks HERE!

Stay tuned for a post on all the amazing accessories you need this summer for your beach vacation!

Until next time…

Find the Perfect One Piece for your style and budg

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My All Time Favorite Snack

I have been making this snack for years now and it is truly my favorite snack to eat.

SO much so that I figured I share my favorite snack with you guys now!

Spoiler: this is not a healthy snack.

I know, I know snacks should be healthy. But this one is just so good, I don’t even mind the calories.

I actually made this for the first time for my mother in law as an appetizer one night.

But now I have been making this for myself as a snack ever since then!

so drum roll please……

My favorite snack is….Strawberry, Goat cheese Toast with Balsamic reduction!

This is seriously so delicious.

This is what you will need to make it:

Goat cheese


balsamin reduction


Favorite Snack Cheese


First start by toasting the bread

Then spread the goat cheese on the toast while it’s still warm

Then cut strawberries into halves and place on top of goat cheese

Then drizzle some balsamic reduction over the toast

VOLIA! you are done!


It’s a super easy snack to make and so delicious!

Till next time!

blissfully bubbly Chelsea Signature

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Ann Taylor SALE!

Start Making Plan

Hi everyone! Just thought I would pop on here and let you guys know about the amazing Ann Taylor Sale going on 6/17-6/19!!

This sale is amazing it’s 50% off EVERYTHING!

That’s right, you read it correctly! Ann Taylor is having 50 % off everything and I have the amazing code for you to get the best deal of the year!

I’ve already started adding things to my chart so that when 6/17 hits I can use my code and get all these amazing clothes!

I’ll share with you some of the amazing clothes I’m crushing on right now!

Check out all these gorgeous clothes I found below. Feel free to click on any of the images to directly shop the item and add it to your cart!

Ok, are these clothes not just the cutest!?

I’m seriously crushing on all the Ann Taylor skirts right now. They are just so fun and flirty!

Also, these block heels and classic necklaces have me so in love. I am seriously obsessed with everything Ann Taylor is making right now!

Ok, so on to the most important part! Now that you have found some of your favorite items to shop, you gotta use this code to get 50% off!

The code is: MAKEWAVES

Make sure you use this code in the promo code line to get 50% off your total purchase!

I mean, I seriously am so excited to get these amazing deals for only half the asking price! Aren’t you!?

I can’t wait to start wearing these amazing items as soon as they arrive!

These are all going to be so perfect for the summer season! Don’t you agree?

Do you guys have any favorites from this list?

If you do, message me below with your favorite looks!

Till next time!

blissfully bubbly Chelsea Signature

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Dry Shampoo Review: Who Makes the Best Dry Shampoo?


If you have super long hair like me, then you might be a dry shampoo lover too!

I have been using dry shampoo for years now and I cannot live without it.

However, not all dry shampoos are made the same.

I have tried a ton of different brands and have narrowed down my list to these top dry shampoo brands.

Some dry shampoos are better for certain things which is why I decided to make this review with a breakdown of which dry shampoo is best to a specific end result.

This way you can find the best dry shampoo for you!

So, let’s get on to the list…


If you are looking to add a ton of volume to your hair then this stuff is the dry shampoo for you. I love the amount of volume I get from using this stuff. This stuff feels like a hairspray in my hair and after wearing it for one day I am definitely ready to shower and get it out of my hair. So it not my ultimate favorite dry shampoo.


If you are looking for an amazing dry shampoo that has a heavenly clean scent then this is the stuff for you! I absolutely love this dry shampoo after a sweaty day at the gym because is smells amazing. However this doesn’t seem to hold up the whole day and if feel like my hair looks oily again by the end of the day.


If you have super dark roots and are looking for a dry shampoo that won’t make you look like you’re going gray then this tinted dry shampoo is definitely for you! I used this when I had dark brown hair and it was great!


If someone told me I could only use one dry shampoo for the rest of my life then THIS stuff would be it! This is my holy grail! Seriously, I’m so in love with this stuff. I spray it on and my hair immediately looks so clean and healthy. There is no gross lasting residue. My hair does not feel stiff or grimy all day like with other brands. Plus, this stuff last literally for days in my hair. I absolutely love this! This stuff has been able to help me go even more days in-between washes and help keep my hair super healthy and long!

So, there you have it my little review on the best dry shampoos!

For more hair tips click HERE!

Until next time!

blissfully bubbly Chelsea Signature

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