7 Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Nails

Tips and advice time! Nail and hair care are two of my favorite topics! I’ve always been in love with finding new, healthy ways to help my hair and nails grow long and strong. So I’ve decided now it’s time I share my top 7 tips for long, healthy nails with all of you!

I’ve been using these tips and tricks for the last year and they have helped tremendously at getting my nails grow. I used to have a huge problem with my nails breaking as soon as they would get even a little long. It was so frustrating because I had to always keep my nails short. So I finally decided I needed to come up with a better routine that would help my nails grow and keep them strong and healthy.

Just to give you guys a little background about my nail care routine, I actually do not get my nails done at a salon. I do them myself. I found out that the constant filing and harsh nail polish they would use on my nails in the salon was adding to my brittle nails and making them break easier. So as soon as I started doing my own nails, my nails totally changed for the better! So let’s get to it.

7 Tips to Grow Long, Healthy Nails:

  1. Massage coconut oil over clean nails and cuticles. I swear by coconut oil. If you’ve read any of my hair posts you know I’m obsessed with it! I usually paint my nails once a week and before I do I take off all my nail polish and clean my nails then rub a little bit of coconut oil over my nails and the cuticles. I find it helps keep hangnails away and it keeps my nails super shiny and strong.

2. Use strengthening nail polish remover. I use any store brand nail polish remover that says strengthening in it. I don’t know what makes it different, but I do know when I switched to using this kind of nail polish remover my nails got a lot better!

3. Use Burt Bee’s Lemon cuticle wax. I rub this on my cuticles and nail beds once a week to help keep my cuticles in check.

4. Stop cutting the cuticle. I actually do not cut or push back my cuticles with instruments. I found that when salons used to do that I would always get painful hangnails. So now I just rub this stuff on my cuticles and use the pad of my finger to gentle push the cuticle upward. It has made a world of difference in stopping hangnails.

5. File your nails in the same direction. I use a basic revlon nail filer and I make sure I always file my nails in the same direction. I try not to move the file back and forth because that can create snags in your nails making it easier for them to break.

6. Take biotin or Multi-vitamins. I usually take prenatal vitamins every morning to help with my hair and nails grow. I swear prenatal vitamins are the reason my hair and nails grow like a weed. I know biotin has helped a lot of people too, so that is always an option. However, when I took biotin my skin broke out like crazy so I immediately stopped using it and just stick to my prenatals. (*make sure you check with your doctor if it is ok for you to take supplements and vitamins).


7. Stop using gel polish. This was a hard one for me. I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks and it was great cause they never chipped. However, I noticed every time I would go to change my color my nails looked more and more brittle to the point of being paper thin and it would actually start to hurt to put my nails under the UV light. So that’s when I knew, ok, this is probably not healthy for your nails and it’s time to stop lol. I now paint my nails with OPI Infinite Shine base coat, color, and top coat and the polish lasts for 1 week and looks beautiful.

So there you have it. These are my top 7 tips to grow your nails long and strong. I am in no way a professional or expert on this topic. I just know these are tips and tricks that have been working for me, so I figured I would share them with all of you.

If you guys have any tips you would like to share just comment below. I would love to hear them!

Talk to you guys soon!

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My Pinterest

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How to Make Amazing Pinterest Graphics to Increase your Site Traffic

canva pinterest design

Have you ever wondered how people make those gorgeous Pinterest graphics? Well, I used to, and finally I figured out the best way to create beautiful Pinterest graphics to help promote my content and my site. The best part is that I found a site to create all these amazing graphics online that is totally FREE!

Yup, that’s right you don’t need to pay a site or spend your hard earn money to promote your site on Pinterest. Just follow these steps and discover how easy and fun creating your own personal graphics can be.

These are easy and straight forward steps that are great for anyone.

So let’s get down to the details!

What is the name of the site: CANVA

Go to Canva.com and that will bring you to the home page, which looks like this:

Click on the design/ graphic you want. You can choose from pinterest graphic, youtube, banners, and so much more!

Once you click on the graphic you want, you will see this:

Then you can choose to select free pre-made designs or upload your own pictures and graphics. I normally upload my own pictures and then adjust them as needed for my desired look. Everything you need for design is on the far left side, including text, backgrounds, design graphics, and more.

Once you pick a picture, you will see this:

Then you can select the text option and insert any title or wording you would like, in addition to adjusting the font style and size. Another great design option you have is to adjust the transparency of the picture, if you prefer having the font laid over the picture for a more striking look.

Once your graphic is complete you will click in the top right corner to download:

You can choose to download the graphic as PNG or JPEG. Then save the graphic to your computer. Once you have the graphic saved you can upload it to Pinterest and add a link to a website or location that you want the viewer to be redirected to.

This is the final look:

Pretty easy, right!

This, of course, is just the basics of how to use the site and create designs. However, there is so much more you can  do on this site. I make all different kinds of graphics from collages for my site, to youtube thumbnails, to Pinterest graphics.

Here is a page with some of my past designs so that you can see the variety and design options.

If you have any questions about how to use canva or how to create any designs, just comment below and I’ll get back to you!

To check out other “How to’s” for blogging or marketing, click here!

Talk to you soon!

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Random Thoughts Thursday!

random thoughts

So, I haven’t done a random thoughts post in a little bit and I figured it was time. Mainly because I have so many random thoughts on my mind lol.

To start, why in the world is it so difficult for me to eat healthy? I for some reason always default back to unhealthy food when I’m low on time at work or stressed out. Come on Chelsea, get it together.

Does anyone else hate going to a nail salon to have their nails done? I feel like I’m wasting so much time sitting there for some reason. Not relaxing at all! I find that doing my own nails every week is so much easier and less time consuming.

I’m pretty sure my cat knows it’s giving me attitude. Like straight up rude stares and walking away from me when I’m trying to love him. As Michelle Tanner said, HOW RUDE!

Why can’t working out just be done for me by someone else and I see the results on my body? lol I mean come on, we should have this technology by now.

I have a closet full of clothes and for some reason pull the exact same outfits EVERY week. Why am I like this? lol.

I wish I didn’t have to sleep so that I could get my daily massive to do list done every day.

Also, why does sleeping become so much harder as we get older. I wish I could sleep like I did when I was a kid. Those were the good times.

Does anyone else, replay their whole work day in their head while they’re sleep? 😑 So annoying.

Anyways, that’s it for today. Just some randomness on my mind, that’s now stuck in your mind lol.

Your welcome! 😝

Talk to you soon!

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How to Make the Perfect Instagram Story Cover Photos

So, as I’m sure you all know, Instagram now has the option to add instagram stories to your highlight reel. These highlighted stories stay on your profile page so people can look through old stories you’ve highlighted. The best thing about this, is you can categorize your stories now into whatever you want, style, decor, beauty, etc. It’s perfect for people who love posting stories and for viewers who want to look through specific stories. I love the idea of posting in categories cause now whenever I’m like, “oh what should I wear today…?”, I’ll just flip through my style stories for some inspiration! It’s like clothes shopping through your own closet.

Side-bar: does anyone remember Cher’s closet from Clueless where she looked through everything in her computer to see what the outfit looked like on her before wearing it? Well that is my style insta stories for me!! I swear its a great little tool.

Anyways, back on track. So you can look through everyone else’s categories too to get some inspiration as well.

Now it’s not necessary to create your own cover photo for your highlighted stories (instagram will just mark your first pic as your automatic cover photo), but for me and my OCD-like tendencies I prefer everything look the same. So creating a cover photo is a MUST!

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Random Thoughts


So I’ve been thinking of some sure random stuff and just wanted to share with you guys….

So for beginners, Does anyone else not use their dishwasher? I don’t know why, but I hate using dishwashers. I would rather hand wash all my dishes. And yes, I do hand wash everything!

How often is too often to go shopping? Cause I’m pretty sure I do that too much with shopping online. lol Amazon is a true problem. It’s just so convenient I can’t resist.

Does getting the silent treatment drive anyone else crazy? I can’t stand it when people give you the silent treatment. Like hello, I’m not a mind reader! Just tell me what’s wrong! 😝

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New Year, New Goals: Welcome to 2018

Hi loves! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I know it’s been awhile since last time we talked. I have been so busy with moving and starting my new job, that blogging had to take a back seat for a bit. But now  the dust has started to settle, I’m back and ready to blog baby!

I figured it would be best to kick the new year off right with a new post. About what, you ask? I don’t even know lol. Hopefully it just come to me as I keep writing.

Well it is a new year, and that normally means new goals, right? So I guess I’ll talk about all the new goals I have for Blissfully Bubbly.

Where to start…?

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Holiday Gift Guide for HIM (for under $50)

guide guide for him

Alright guys, here it is, the holiday gift guide for HIM you have been waiting for! If you are anything like me then, you love shopping for your man! I just find that guy gifts are so much more fun, than shopping for girl gifts. I love that you can get silly little gifts and your man will still laugh and enjoy the humor in it (well at least my guy lol).

So, for this gift guide for him,  decided to do a mix of regular great gifts with some fun stuff mixed in. I decided to keep the price of all gifts under $50 again, because theres no reason to blow your holiday budget when there are so many great options for under $50!

I will list out the guide for you just like my gift guide for HER so that it’s the same layout and easy to navigate for you. This is the link for the holiday gift guide for her HERE for you guys, just in case you missed it!

Gift Guide for HIM by category:

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